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Today managing a business is a full time job and some entrepreneurs are not well equipped to handle these multi-faceted operations. In fact some small business owners lack certain skills that are necessary to manage their businesses efficiently and effectively. Managing finances, marketing, personnel and other strategies of a business can be very difficult for those who do not possess the requisite skills to meet the challenges in these fields. Choosing the appropriate management professional to help the entrepreneur can mean the difference between a failed business, desperation and successful one.

Bali Business Management is a corporation that practices business management with special emphasis financial planning, financial control and analysis as tools for managing your business. The target market for the organization include individuals, small and medium size businesses, charter schools, other tax exempt organizations including churches. The firm is staffed with professionals who have extensive experiences in the following areas:

Charter Schools Business Services Grants and Curriculum development
Corporate Financial Planning, operation and analysis
Systems, policies and procedures that promote efficiency
Strategic Planning and Implementation
Personal business management
Individual and corporate tax preparation
Representation before the IRS in all tax matters
(See services section for a more detailed listing).

The firm assesses the specific needs of each client and recommends strategic solutions to company management. With their approval and support the strategies are then implemented with the help of the firm. Our staffs are carefully trained in computer techniques to ensure that our clients’ needs are met efficiently and effectively. We offer personalized care to all our clients. As business managers we get personally involved in our clients’ business affairs giving them the needed attention, with the objective of making them successful.

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