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The firm is staffed with well trained staff.  The staffs have the experience that will handle almost every problem that businesses can encounter.  The following are the listing of some of the staff and their qualification and experiences.

Halilu Haruna, MBA, E.A.
A Fellow of NAEA’s National Tax Practice Institute.

Mr. Haruna graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Business, specializing in accounting, from Ferris State University in Michigan with higher distinction. He also graduated with Masters Degree in Business, specializing in accounting and finance from Northrop University. While growing up in elementary school he was nick named “number one”, by his friends to refer to his excellent academic performance in elementary school for being the best in all elementary grades one through seven. Halilu was awarded a book by his school authored by Charles Dickens called Great expectations as a price for becoming the best in his class while in High School. He attended a Business High School. Halilu was enrolled by the United States federal government to represent tax payers before all administrative divisions of the internal revenue service, in all tax matters. Before enrollment he had to pass a two day examination in federal taxation (about 30% of those who take the examination pass it), and pass a thorough federal criminal background check. Mr. Haruna is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents and a member of the Graduate Fellows Association, having graduated from the National Tax Practice Institute and conferred with fellow of the institute.

Halilu has over 27 years of financial management experience in for profit and non-profit organizations specializing in Personal Care, Financial Planning & Financial Control. His experience includes working with various charter schools and other entities. He has worked in various executive positions and served on various boards and understands how an organization should function. He was credited with turning an organization from a deficit of $400,000 to a surplus of $200,000 in just three years. Additionally one of his charter school clients was named by Time Magazine as the Elementary School of the Year 2001 for the whole United States of America. He recently applied for a building grant for one of his charter schools and was awarded $14,000,000. The most important criterion for getting this grant is the fiscal soundness of the school. Furthermore one of his former charter school clients was also awarded $13,000,000 based on fiscal soundness and other criteria. He was instrumental in setting the fiscal infrastructure of both schools. He was instrumental in saving a School which was recommended for closure. He is a well known and respected Business Services Consultant and regularly gets referrals from School Districts and County Office of Education. He was also featured in the Business Quarterly Renaissance as a Renaissance Executive in 2008. Currently he was interviewed on the Pasadena Community Television Network

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